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(Chevette #69 - #72)

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Added to gallery:30th Jun 2000
Contributer:John Kear

"like the site, nice to see a sense of humour (only joking) My first car was a chevette (OUR64W, where are you now!) It had a few mods, piper 270 cam, modified dizzy, these made loads of difference, it could keep up with a Nova SR. For a short period of time it also had a Weber DCOE45, with 32 mm chokes, never got it to run right, bilstein shocks and lowered springs, along with early manta wheels, same style as shuvit wheels, but 1" wider , steered rather nice in this spec.(the mk2 cav SRi I had afterwards felt like a camel compared to the handling in this spec). Anyway the reason for this email is that when I visited your site last year I left a notice in the guestbook saying that I would send you some pics of a very special chevette I saw at Billing aquadrome all Vauxhall rally last summer. I've now got my slide scanned sorted, so attatched are a few scans of a Chevette with a cavalier V6 engine, running triple twin choke down draught carbs. The car runs , I saw it drive off and it sounded very healthy indeed. Should be quite entertaining to drive I would have thought, I have a Cav V6, in CDX spec, and it flies, with a beautiful induction noise. Bearing in mind that the shuvit weighs half a ton less, is not strangled by a complex inlet manifold (so that it will fit under a cav bonnet) and cat converter and other emission control crap, I would imagine 0-60 can't be much over 5 secs! Attatched a a few slide scans, done in low res to keep file size down, if you want higher res scans then let me know, my slide scanner is capable of far better. Incidentally, my cav had to have an alternator recently, thankfully under warranty, having seen where it is, on the V6 Chevette it would have save a few hours labour costs!"

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