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(Chevette #2093 - #2096)

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Added to gallery:22nd Jan 2005

Felt the site needed an update as the last pictures there are of my Chevette were taken during the brake overhaul carried out last april! She has been puttering happily around Edinburgh for the last nine months but sadly failed her MoT at the end of the summer, needing the boot floor patched and the front inner wheelarch welded. The carb also needed tweaked as she was pumping out tonnes of CO2. Various rusty bits are getting worse and worse, namely the outer rear arches and the drivers side door bottom. Will try when the weather warms up to get some sort of repair done to these using filler as a bodyshop is asking over 300 quid to fix the arches. So need to save up again. She is currently in the garage having the driver's floor welded, the battery tray and the bulkhead under the washer bottle, and the rear crossmember all repaired too. This will also cost 300 quid, hence the need to save money. It seems the Chevette's biggest failing is the bodywork, as the little 1256 just keeps on going with frequent oil changes. It's no ball of fire, but it gets me around the city as quick as I want and keeps up very well with modern traffic. Only on open roads is it found lacking at all. Fitted a rev counter from a Triumph Spitfire 1500 to see how high it revs on a long run - 3500rpm. Could do with an overdrive!

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