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(Chevette #1094)

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Added to gallery:15th Nov 2002

"This is my recently completed Chevette HS replica, in New Zealand. Currently has non-Vauxhall 2.0litre Twincam.(Vauxhall motors quite rare here, most cars here are from Japan.) However recently realised that Holden Vectras have the Vauxhall / Opel C20XE 16V motor, so planning to transplant one of these. Any advice welcome from people who have done this, especially setting up with DCOE Webers. Suspension is all Isuzu Piazza Turbo, so have 4 wheel ventilated discs - fits in with only a little modification. Goes very well, but will be better with GM power. Has welded in rollcage, race seats / harnesses and used for tarmac rallies, hillclimbs,track days, any car club events...... Attracts a lot of interest, cos it isn't an Escort !"

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