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(Chevette #213 - #215)

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Added to gallery:24th Oct 2000

"I originally got the car almost 3 years ago. It is my first and only car. I got it from the original owner who kept it as a garage car. It had some engine troubles because of poor matainence. They have been worked out so now it runs smooth and quiet. In the beginning of April it had been totalled off when an oncoming semi made an illegal left turn in front of me. I slid into the side of it and it was declared a T.L.V.

Because of all the work that I had put into it and it was such a reliable car, I couldn't bear to see it scrapped. I spent the summer and $1400 doing all the work myself to get it street legal again. It was finally declared safe in the end of August to show how long it took. It still isn't finished yet. If you look closely, you can see that the grill isn't the correct one and there are some parts that aren't painted to match yet. Also the passenger side fender doesn't have the pin striping yet you will notice if you look closely."

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