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(Chevette #1034 - #1038)

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Added to gallery:15th Nov 2002

We took so long to add these photos (oops) that Hemi sent his photos in twice with different descriptions. Here are both:

"This is my 86 Acadian, It runs the stock 1.6L with a 5 speed the wing on the back is an aftermarket deal that i picked up free,the posts were made from scratch using some scrap square tubing.The wing also features a working LED 3rd brake light(pretty advanced for an Acadian!) I bought the car for $100 bucks Off a friend(thats him jumping on the parts car)The parts car was $50. Not many people in town like this little car, mostly the honda boys in their civics, who think I'm mocking them(there right of course).The Pic with the drag tires is a joke done with a jack and Drag slicks( I thought it was funny)The front springs are broken but I think it looks good that low. The interior is slightly customized with Black And White Fur on the dash and sunvisors, a cd player that only plays the radio,A bobin head dog named ralph, and some neon blue lights."

"This is my 86 acadian I bought it off my buddy for $100 bucks as a winter beater, but just kept having fun with it. The rear spoiler is a custom job I built from an aftermarket wing and some homemade poles ( with functional LED 3rd brake light!) A cheap lowering job was done naturaly with broken springs.It still runs the stock 1.6 with a 5 speed. It goes pretty good on the highway, The wing helps from getting tossed around from the transport trucks. I made it look this way to prove that you don't need tons of money to make your car stand out like all the little honda rice rocket out there that spend thousands of dollars on Spoilers, Lowering kits, Rims, etc. I don't take my car very seriously I just like to have fun with it.If I can get one person to smile or laugh then my jobs done"

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