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(Chevette #2781)

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Added to gallery:12th Mar 2006
Contributer:nutty but nice

Opel kadett 1977 in a wonderful shade of linden green. How it all began the original 1st owner had it resprayed in 1998 a year later he died. It was put in the hands of the next owner who swapped an orion for it it then sat on the drive for 7yrs until i bought it from ebay for £263. The seller said it just needed drving to an M.O.T. station to pass.....yeah right. It needed welding in the lower part of the boot floor/underneath the boot/inner rear arches/front inner wings/seatbelt area holed. I thought that was it until i felt under the rear door cards that the sill had rotted and new outer sill skins had been put on with fixing them first. I had new sills put on a few weeks ago for £200 even smoothed them in for me (cheers bainsey). The doors are also rotton so i've got some new ones i've picked up for £100 (advertising on ebay works) I've now aquired an opel manta berlinita for the 1.8 engine box etc, I've bought some 2k black on ebay to paint the boot /inside and engine bay. Outside is going to be finished in vauxhall apache orange. Thats it for now

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