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(Chevette #424 - #428)

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Added to gallery:6th Jun 2001

"The pictures at the drag strip are my 1980 Chevette with a Buick 231 (3.8L Buick V6) and a TH-200 transmission. This was before a narrowed Ford 8.8" diff was installed. (Uhh... slightly broken Chevette diff, anyone? Cheap?) This car is also completely streetable, looks like a poser, and really surprises the Mustang and Camaro crowd.

The convertible (targa, actually, the roof was *gone*) was a 1980 'Vette. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

And the Chevette with the lowered roof and the back end off a 1956 Dodge Custom Royal welded onto the back was seen driving around Ottawa, Canada in 1996. The pictures don't do the car justice."

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