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(Chevette #1085)

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Added to gallery:15th Nov 2002

"4 door 1982 Chevette. (Sept 02)

Am thinking of doing some neat mods to the body.
So far....

  • 205 x60x13 tires on VW 82 Jetta rims
  • blacked out all the chrome
  • tinted the windows
  • added a front air dam from a sportier Chevette
  • white strip off centered from tip of front spoiler to back ...painted with regular white metal paint using a brush using tractor feed 8.5 paper to mark the line:)

Would like to:

  • find some kind of ground effects..
  • some type of rear spoiler like that White one seen on this site
  • add a rear side break air vent like on a Fiat x19
  • possibly cover up that rear ugly quarter window with some kind of black metal grill
  • move the outside mirrors somewhere
  • maybe put an antenna on rear window like VWs

Comments? Suggestions? Problems? Please tell us!

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