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(Chevette #607 - #610)

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Added to gallery:7th Oct 2001
Contributer:Marko "Makke" Pätsikkä

"This car was just Vauxhall Chevette Saloon. I strted to modified it, but unfortunately I sold it before I got it ready. One young fellow want to buy it, so I sell it. He promise to finish it but he never finish it.

I modified front end lot, so it looks lots of like an Opel Kadett. If You look at it very sharp, You can see it that it isn't like Opel at all. Lights are 5" diameter and so on. The scoop in bonnet is quite funny. I make it using old Cresent boat engine engine cover. Taillights are from Vauxhall Viva HC and were aseebled upsidedown, also plate have to modified quite much.

Now there is left only memory and few pics about this car...

Regards, -Makke- (from finland)"

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