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(Chevette #545)

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Added to gallery:22nd Aug 2001

"This was my first car, I used to ride in it to the beach down in bournmouth from the age of 5. It used to belong to my granny. I never forgot that car when i was growing up even though it changed hands a few times. Then it was my 18th birthday and this little puppy parked itself on my drive. THE RED BARON WAS BORN. "The red baron" is its name. Every car should have a name. Words cant describe my love for this car. Its hansome good looks, beautiful body and heavenly smell still get my blood racing. Sadly however it got taken away by the council for beeing idle. I still claim it was meerly resting. Anyway its now in cube form in some lonely scrap yard. Its gone to the great chevette in the sky.

The flames are my own doing - it took three coats of gloss and hours of pain staking work but the results speak for themselves. The icing on the cake. The "red baron" (RIP) was only 24 years old when she left this world so suddenly. I know a lot of people who have ridden in her will deeply miss her and the times that she gave us. I hope she will be happy with all the other chevettes on your page.

"The Red Baron"
chevette L
900000 miles
all of them great"

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