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(Chevette #2883)

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Added to gallery:7th Apr 2006

This was my second Chevette. My first car was a 1980 4dr 4spd that I bought for $160 that had a bad 4spd. I had it fixed up real nice and sold it to a friend who destroyed it before my eyes! I bought this gold one in 1991 for $275. It had a smashed hood, rt fender, grille and missing a headlight. These were taken after the hood was replaced. The car only had 85K on it and was very clean. Even the air worked. I delivered pizza in it for almost 7 years. The car had about 160K on it and it developed a brake fading problem that I could never diagnose. Also the body tore where the torque tube attaches to the body and really made a mess..I sold it subsequently to a friend in 1997 for $350!! He drove it for about two weeks and tore it up worse than I did in 7 years! He eventually ripped the tube completely from the body. He told me I could have it back about two weeks later. I rigged the driveshaft so I could get it to my shop and removed the motor and trans. I scrapped the body later for $45. So basically I drove the car for 7 years, put 80K on it and walked away with $120 more than I paid for it! That's not the end of the story however....the motor found it's way into mini-vette 3, which was a 1981 2 door 4spd very similar to mini 1. with a fantastic body. The original motor in that car was shot and not having time to work on the car, I sold it to a friend who then installed Mini 2's engine in Mini 3's body. He drove it another 18 months or so until we were riding home one night in it and he wanted to show me that he could throw it back into 3rd gear and it would take didn't...Mini 3 is sitting now at his house really rusting! Sad!

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