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(Chevette #2107)

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Added to gallery:24th Jan 2005
Contributer:Dustin Y. McCourt

I bought this car summer of 2004. My father seen it driving to work and told me to take a look at it. Once I seen it I had to have, so $700 and a set of aluminum rims later it was mine. It has 40000 on the clock and runs like new. The only things that have been done to it are filter and fluid changes, set of yellow accel plug wires, and a side pipe exhaust with a glasspack. The car has a nice lawnmower style rumble that is used to full advantage. Something you cannot see in the picture are the ridiculus tires. The fronts are 155/80R13and the rear are 235/50R13, which are about 10in. wide and only about 18in. high. With tires so wide it is impossible to get any sort of wheel spin on dry pavement. The interior is strait seventies with furry black seat covers, skull shift knob, and dice valve caps on the door locks. It came with an 8in. sub box for speakers so I replaced the crappy tape player with a 200 watt pioneer cd player to push the subs a bit more. The subs are bungee corded down, so it looks a bit hillbilly but it works. This is also a Chevette Scooter, so behind the seats there is nothing but the box and emtyness. It also the original metallic orange/ brown paint and the under body is painted red. The last thing to mention is that has cheap adjustable air shocks on the back and sits rather high with 90psi in them. The car is garaged for the winter in a portable garage in my back yard. I will send better pictures when the nice Cleveland, OH spring time hits or if I find some hidden in my house.

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