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(Chevette #1770 - #1772)

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Added to gallery:26th May 2004
Contributer:Chris the scumbo

"My lovely 1256cc 2dr saloon 'L' with trendy poo brown interior and binding brakes.

However will soon be converted to a mildly tuned up manta GT/E engine (rally ported head, green injectors, Kent OP234 cam, matched ports, Jetex air filter and some well placed heat wrapping), probably about 130 odd BHP.

Have also got some spax shocks to fit, but still in need of springs and all the usual bells and whistles.

Haven't decided on wheels and rubber yet, I was thinking maybe minilite 13"x7"'s at the back with 225x55x13 Dunlop SP9000's and 13"x6" with the 205x55x13's of the same tyre at the front.

The biggest problem with this car is that it still doesn't have tax insurance etc. Worse still is the absense of a cigarette lighter. By the way the sticker on the back reads; HOW'S MY DRIVING? 0800-EAT-SHIT."

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