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(Chevette #1755 - #1761)

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Added to gallery:26th May 2004

"Bought as a Standard 1256 2 door saloon with 12 months MOT off eBay for £310. Bargain! Then the fun began! No mods to the engine whatsoever, but many other parts were sourced off eBay like 5 original HS alloys (£150!-another bargain with good tyres!), triple air horns, bucket seats, Mountney steering wheel, etc. Big bore Ashley exhaust from Rally Design-modified to fit because they dont make them for saloons! Also got made-to-order 'Gaz' adjustables from the same company. Fantastic improvement on the handling! Rear spoiler savaged from an E30 BMW-fits perfectly! Its used purely for fun and i rally it with my local Motor Club. Its not that quick, but it ace fun to drive with the arse end hanging out!! Came 2nd in my last event, so its not doing too bad! I stuffed it in the hedge on the 1st corner i came to after we finished the last rally (showing off to my mates behind by getting it plentiiii sidewayz!) The hedge came off worst! Hard as nails and i love it more than my girlfriend!"

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