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(Chevette #1631 - #1638)

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Added to gallery:24th May 2004
Contributer:Martin T

"Well as you can see from the pictures my acadian is far from done. Its a 1979 Pontiac Acadian. it has an auto tranny but i am thinking of doing a tranny and engine swap to a 305 from a camaro with a t-56 trans.

I accquired the car from my sister who inturn bought it off her boyfriend 3 years ago. and for a 25 yearold car its in pretty good condition. but heres the specs i have so far.

the underside of the car is coated to prevent rust and i recently bought and installed a new park brake cable (old one was seized),i put in a new heater core because the old one blew,new tires and rims to come hopefully camaro z28 rims and some pirellis to boot. the car has a straight flow exhaust with no cat (its not illegal where i live...)but i will change it to 2 4 inch pipes if i get the 305 wedged in there. i am going to reupholster the interior soon and maybe change the paint from dark blue to midnight black or pure white because it has alot of minor surface rust near the back and on the hatch. and the interior will go from light blue to pure white as well with hints of blue. but for now i am just wiring my stero up. i have a 450w thump amp,2 10' 200w subs also thump,2 6.5inch 100w thump speakers, 200 pioneer deck deh4600mp,stinger amp wiring,the sub box and speaker boxes you see in the pictures i built myself out off 3/4 inch fibre board then siliconed the inside and spray painted them aluminum.

but much more to come so check back for more pics soon"

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