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(Chevette #1429 - #1434)

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Added to gallery:21st May 2004
Contributer:David Whynot

"I traded a few old motorbikes for this 85 vett about 5 years ago , I did not know what I was going to do with it but I liked the car and said I would fix it up. I had to put a new floor in it but the frame was still good, I picked up 4 vega rims to use on it .

The dash is made out of Maple plus I made the shift knob out of maple as well,the hood scoop has cost me over $100 bucks but it looks perty cool . I plan on doing a lot of cool stuff to it when I can but this is it for now ,I will send more PIC'S when I am done.

1985 2 door 4 speed 1.6L:engine . the hood scoop toke me about 4 months to make but i think it was worth it , plus i have two orange lights in behind the grills that u can see only at night and the scoop is functional. the body is in very good shape but the floor needed a lot of work . the frame was in very good shape as well. as you can see from the pic: of the floor there is a water leak . the rims are from a vega 13 inch but want to go to a 14 inch with low profile tires and smothie rims . the dash is made of solid maple and the dash pad inserts are maple so is the shifter knob witch i made myself. i have all the interior in my house and when i get done with it will look perty kool in side. i am looking for a 2.8L and auto:trans:to put in but i will run the 1.6L for now ,i have had the car for about 5 years now and have been doing a little bit to it when i have the time. i love chevettes ,i think they are about the toughest little cars chev ever made.i have had a few in the past and they toke what ever i could through at them.i almost forgot, im making a ground effects kit for it and might do some thing with the back lights but i will send more photos at a latter date. Thank you.

Dave----Nova Scotia---------Canada."

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