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(Chevette #1093)

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Added to gallery:15th Nov 2002
Contributer:Roger Lee

"The best car I ever bought was my W reg Shuvvit (real pictures to follow). I paid £75 for it "spares or repair" put it through it's MOT and it only failed on one side light. I then later added some new tyres and then tuned the engine as far as it would go. Not too bad for a standard 1300cc engine that had done about 78k. The good thing about this engine is that you could adjust the tappets while the engine was still running thanks to a single bolt holding down the rocker arm. Forget feeler gauges, I used to use a screw driver, one end on the rocker bolt and the other end in my ear and just listen to it while I was adjusting it, it worked great. I also adjusted the bog standard carb to the max and also the dizzy. This car was like "shit off a shovel". 30mph in first and 52mph in second it also gave me 0-60 in 11 seconds with one passenger beside me, the valves used to bounce whilst pushing 52mph in second, time to change gear then? It gave me a top spead of just over 100mph and it was the only car that I've had where the gearbox would allow you to push it back into first while you were doing 28mph, I tell you it's true, you could feel the torque. According to the book this little engine was only capable of 48bhp, top speed of 91mph and 0-60 in 14.5 seconds, this car was the exception. It used to hold corners as though it were glued to them. Sitting at traffic lights you would get the moron boy racers in their MK3 Escorts who later found that they had no chance at all, I even went neck and neck with an MG Metro and also left a Discovery 2.5 TDi standing too, even giving a boy racer in his Mini a run for his money too, the only cars that I had problems with was the Cavaliers - Ugh? Ok, so I may of thraiped the engine a little bit, ok, quite a lot (I was young then) but I tell you, it just seemed to have a craving for it, no engine noises at all, first turn of the engine and it would start and then it just purrrrrrrred like a kitten. I once went against a guy in a MK3 Escort who I was realy pissed at, I gave chase and on the straight it later turned out that he was flat out in fourth while I was still in third with the torque just building up. Getting 34mpg, running on unleaded petrol, after all the thraiping there was still no smoke from the exhaust, it was the best £75 I had ever spent!!"

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