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(Chevette #1043)

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Added to gallery:15th Nov 2002

"Sorry the photo is so bad this is the only one I could find. If I find any better ones I will send them to you. This is my 81 Chevette with automatic trans. I owned it from 1989 till some time late '92. I bought it silver but I painted it Cadillac charcoal metallic. I put a 1987 engine in it with 12,000 miles. Then I had real glass head light covers made for it. I put Vega wheels with Kelly Charger 175/70/13's up front and 205/60/13's in the rear, and a Crager wing on the back. Inside it had a grant steering wheel, triple gauge package and a 500 watt RMS sound system including 2 12" subs. It started out to be my winter car and just another Chevette to add to the 6 other Chevette's I had at the time.(1 driver, and the rest for parts) After driving it a while I couldn't leave it aloan. Because it was an automatic, I started fixing it up for my girlfriend to drive in the summer while I drove my Camaro. She became my wife in '92 and we still look back at all the good times we had in that car."

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