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(Chevette #1018 - #1020)

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Added to gallery:15th Nov 2002
Contributer:Patrick Batchelor

"I have 2 1985 Chevettes. The first one is a white 2 door that I paid $300 for. It was named the Hoopty by a few friends of mine. Then I lost it do to a broken carrier barring. So I bought the second 1985 brown 4 door Chevette for $150 to fix the Hoopty, after I cleaned the interior and exterior of the brown Chevette it was in alot better shape than the Hoopty so I drove that and thus it was dubbed the Hoopty 2. On March 15, 2002 at 8pm I was rearended by a 1998 Dodge Ram. Needles to say the Hoopty 2 didn't stand a chance. So it was back to Plan A. We took the changed the drive shafts and now I have the original Hoopty back on the streets."

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