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(Chevette #926 - #929)

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Added to gallery:3rd May 2002
Contributer:Cory Saxton

"1st is my car with my new minilites and 205/60r13 tyres but my front bumper and spottys are off because im getting a HS front spoiler fixed up and was trying it on 4 size this car HAD a good gearbox in it untill last thursday night i blew it and was left with only 1st gear.

so on friday i took it out and put a new 1 in but i couldnt find any gears :(

so i took that 1 out and put another new 1 in which is good now and i made it to town for laps friday night.

i was proud of myself.

just thought you might have wanted to know that.

next 3 is my back yard and two chevettes,i bought the yellow 1 for $40 NZ because it had two brand new rally tyres and a set of mags on it and the brown/gold 1 i was given the motor is out of the yellow 1 just before we took the body to the dump."

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