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(Chevette #921 - #925)

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Added to gallery:3rd May 2002
Contributer:Cory Saxton

"hi cory saxton here again another few of my chevettes theres more photos of my chevettes being developed so hope to send them soon.

the first is a HSR chevette body with a rover 3500 V8 in it at drag racing

next is my chevette still with the crappy charcol mags on it it now has 205/60r13 tyres and minilites

third is my train race chevette with my lovey cow pattern paint job

next is me winning the race after rolling upside down

and then me on the roof happy after a great victory and rolling.

by the way a train race is where 3 cars are chained together and the front car pulls the other 2 and the middle and back cars have no motor just a driver in the back 1 (ME) and the winner is the first 1 to finish the ammount of laps, there is other trains in the race.

i have it on video if ya wanna c it.

thanks Cory"

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