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Noisy valve gear (with correct clearance) 1. Worn rocker or rocker shaft. 1. Replace rockers or shaft.
2. Worn cam follower tappet (OHC engine.) 2. Fit new follower/tappet & camshaft.
Lack of compression 1. Faulty valve seat, excessive wear in stem or guide. 1. Recut seat and valve, fit new guide and valve.
2. Faulty head gasket. 2. Fit new gasket or reface head.
3. Worn pistons, rings and bores. 3. Either fit new rings, pistons and rings and rebore. If engine badly worn then recondition engine.
Smoke from exhaust. Lack of power 1. As above. 1. As above.
2. Blocked crankcase breather. 2. Check breathing apparatus as above.
Piston slap 1. Worn pistons, rings and bores. 1. Engine overhaul.
Big-end knock 1. Wear between big-end shell and crankshaft. Wrong torque on bolts. 1. Depending on wear, fit new shells, regrind crankshaft and check torque.
Mains rumble 1. Wear between main bearing shells and crankshaft. 1. As above.
Cam follower (tappet) noise 1. Camshaft worn or follower dished. 1. Examine and replace followers or camshaft. Or both..
Knocking when clutch depressed. Movement at crank pulley 1. Excessive crankshaft end-float. Wear between crank and thrust washer. 1. Fit new thrust washers and recheck clearance.
Clattering from front of engine 1. Worn or slack timing chain, worn chain tensioner. 1. Fit new chain and tensioner. Adjust chain where necessary.
Small-end or gudgeon pin knock 1. Excessive wear between gudgeon pin and con-rod. 1. Check piston assemblies for wear.
Lack of oil pressure 1. Lack of oil. 1. Install fresh oil.
2. Faulty oil pump. 2. Fit new pump.
3. Blocked oil pick-up strainer. 3. Clean pick-up.
4. Faulty pressure-relief valve. 4. Fit new relief valve.
5. Blocked oil filter. 5. Fit new filter.
6. Excessive wear in crankshaft journals. 6. Overhaul engine.
Oil leaks 1. Sump gaskets or packings. 1. Fit new gaskets.
2. Front and rear crankshaft oil seal. 2. Fit new seals.
3. Rocker or camshaft gasket.. 3. Fit new gasket.
4. Oil filter. 4. Check filter seal.
Lack of power (engine in good condition) 1. Faulty ignition timing. Faulty sparking plugs, points or condenser. Wrong valve clearance. 1. Tune engine.

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