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Vauxhall Chevette
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Lighting Circuit

No lights (or very dim) 1. Flat or faulty battery, bad battery connections. 1. Check battery and connections.
Side and rear lights inoperative although stoplights and flashers work 1. Fuse blown. 1. Fit correct value fuse.
One lamp fails 1. Blown bulb. 1. Fit new bulb.
2. Poor bulb contact. 2. Check connections.
3. Bad earth connection. 3. Check connections.
4. Broken feed. 4. Check feed.
Flasher warning bulb stays on or flashes twice as fast 1. Faulty bulb or connection on front or rear of offending side. 1. Fit new bulb, make good connection.
Lights dim when idling or at low speed 1. Loose drive belt. 1. Tighten belt.
2. F1at battery. 2. Check charge output and battery.
3. Faulty charging circuit. 3. Check charge output and battery.
One dim light 1. Blackened bulb. 1. Fit new bulb or sealed-beam.
2. Bad earth. 2. Check earth connections.
3. Tarnished reflector. 3. Fit new bulb or sealed-beam.

Windscreen Wipers

Wipers do not work 1. Blown fuse. 1. Fit new fuse of correct rating.
2. Poor connection. 2. Check connections.
3. Faulty switch. 3. Check switch.
4. Faulty motor. 4. Remove and examine motor.
Motor operates slowly 1. Excessive resistance in circuit or wiper drive. 1. Check wiper circuit.
2. Worn brushes. 2. Remove motor and check brushes.


Horn(s) do not work 1. Faulty horn push. 1. Replace steering column switch.
2. Faulty or broken connection. 2. Check wiring continuity.
3. Faulty horn(s). 3. Replace horn(s).
Horn operates continuously 1. Horn push earthed or stuck down. 1. Remedy cause of earthing out or free off horn push.
2. Horn cable to horn push earthed. 2. Trace cause of cable earthing and re-insulate.

Fuel Gauge

Fuel gauge not reading l. No fuel in tank. 1. Add fuel.
2. Sender unit to gauge cable broken or disconnected. 2. Reconnect or repair cable.
3. No earth on fuel gauge. 3. Reconnect earth.
4. Supply to gauge disconnected. 4. Check wiring and reconnect or repair.
5. Gauge faulty. 5. Replace gauge.
Fuel gauge registering full 1. Sender unit to gauge cable earthed. 1. Trace cause of earthing out and re-insulate.

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