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How to trash a Chevette

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We thought we'd share this excellent email from Jo Roch with you, detailing how to trash a Chevette :)

From:     "jo roch" <[email protected]>
Subject:  how 2 trash a 'vette...
Date:     Sun, 18 Jun 2000 18:45:11 -0400


as u know i trashed my 'vette, and i'll try to explain u how to do it...(lol)

first u take big toolbox, then u say tu yourself "i will do a very great job", after u begin to remove all unnessery parts, like the dash, the steering...

then u have to remove all the little things that makes u crazy, i mean, electrical system (ALL wires) at this moment u're proud to do this... then go open the hood, let's take a break to see how u will remove all these parts... after u can start by easy things, like all that doesn't needs a wrench or special tool... once u did it, start to remove the battery (easy and not stressful), at this time u have some thoughts, like: ho!ho! should i continue... yes, i began and i'll finish it... Great, u're ready to continue now. take a wrench and start remove all the stuff that make you crazy, carburator, manifold, timing belt, this little part that doesn't seem to fit anywhere... remove this and that and this little thing here that seem to be useless. once u get tired of removing all this useless stuff, go get a beer, relax and enjoy the great job u did... let pass a few days. ho ho! another thought... am i sure that i did the right thing, i don't hane any money left... don't listen to this and get behind your wrench. start to unscrew a bolt somewhere under the hood. take off this little f***ing hose that make u out of yourself, o.k. when it's done (it can takes a lot of work and strenght), look at this beauty, isn't great??? NO! I TRASHED MY 'VETTE.....SNIF....SNIF...! THEN u can say "what i have done??!!", and when u realise and settle down, u'll say "maybe i can rebuilt it?!"... once again, another 'vette owner cryed and felt on his knees.......

as u red, it's a beautyfull story but it ends very sadly, then the owner think to buy another one, BUT this time, he will NOT repeat his own fault.......................................

@+ joroch.

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