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Tue 28 Sep 1999, 02:10
James A. Ellis (Jim) from Newark, Ohio U.S.A. says:
I own an 87 Amer. Chev Chevette it has real dual exhaust w/79 model dual outlet manifold coool website

Mon 27 Sep 1999, 09:00
Iain from Woodley says:
It has long been an ambition to own one of these fantastic motors. Much smarter than my Allegro.

Mon 27 Sep 1999, 08:14
Warren from Hexham says:
Obviously, I mean site, not dite.

Mon 27 Sep 1999, 08:13
Warren from Hexham says:
This truly is the greatest dite on the internet. No, really.

Mon 27 Sep 1999, 01:30
Jill from Pennsylvania says:
i LUV chevets, they are the coolest cars on the road, and i can't even drive yet, but i will get one when i turn 16,,,,,,yeaaaaa

Fri 24 Sep 1999, 10:07
Katie Cordell from London says:
I need parts - any ideas?

Thu 23 Sep 1999, 19:12
Aaron Coddington from New York, USA says:
Hotrod Chevette owner

Mon 20 Sep 1999, 13:27
Vicki from London says:
Chevettes for ever baby

Thu 16 Sep 1999, 15:58

Thu 16 Sep 1999, 01:15
Dominic Voelker from Florence Kansas says:
I own 3, I want to know if there is a club?

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