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Mon 7 Feb 2000, 08:34
jaymes tunelle from bham al usa says:
Great site! Chevettes rule, I have owned two of them and put many many miles on them! They always start when you turn the key!! Long live the remainder of the 2,695,293 chevettes in the USA!!!!!

Mon 24 Jan 2000, 16:09
James Allen Ellis from Newark, Ohio, USA says:
Y'all have some really cool Chevettes, and you race them, too cool!

Sat 22 Jan 2000, 20:50
Bri from Luton, Beds says:
Does anyone know here RVD 998R is these days?

Thu 20 Jan 2000, 19:27
DAN from SURREY says:

Sun 16 Jan 2000, 22:18
big chev fan from land of the chevette saloon says:
The most sexiest car ever known to man.....and women!!!! NOT

Sun 16 Jan 2000, 03:02
Mark Sullens from Missouri, U.S.A. says:
Old chevettes dont die, they just go faster!

Fri 14 Jan 2000, 21:26
the man from Del monte, he say NIIIIICE!

Thu 6 Jan 2000, 21:39
alun davies, long time visiter from derby U.K says:
please can anyone tell me of any good VAUXHall chevette sites, Is there an owners club, I have lots of picture but seem unable to send them to the address on the site, does it work o.k, Other chevettes fan plaese contact me

Sun 2 Jan 2000, 23:49
Chris from Canada says:
I just purchased an '83 four-door Chevette - certified. It has a couple of 'bugs' but it seems to be a solid winter car. However, after driving on the highway for half an hour, the car looses power and creeps along at no more than 40 km/h. No over heating. New wires. If I pull to the side of the road and shut the car off for five minutes, I can go back up to highway speeds again. It's a pain in the butt. Does this sound familiar or should I look for a short run off a high cliff? Thanx

Sat 1 Jan 2000, 21:45
Diego Sarantes from i´m from Montevideo - Uruguay says:
your page is great,continue

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