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Sat 23 Dec 2000, 06:51
Steevi from Nottm says:
Long live the Shuvit.

Sun 17 Dec 2000, 01:55
jOHNNY rOSE from Bloomington Springs,TN.USA says:
Glad to find site,Race Chevettes on clay oval in Tenn. Own four two are built for racing send pictures soon.

Thu 14 Dec 2000, 06:53
jon from London UK says:
Hi...great to see the car immortalised in this way...I have an 83 hatch - I'll send photo - mint body work, though noisy pinions...want to sell her - great metallic finish -she's been loved...£250 is what I'm looking for - anyone interested

Thu 14 Dec 2000, 01:09
Jim Ellis from Newark, Ohio, USA says:
Long live the Chevettes! I currently own two of them 84 Chevette Scooter 2dr. and a 87 Chevette CS 2 dr. Come visit the International Chevette Club at:

Tue 12 Dec 2000, 13:31
Bunny from Swansea says:
some of the hot chevetts on this site
really fired my rocket!!!!!!

Fri 8 Dec 2000, 17:18
Suzy Williams from Mid Wales, UK says:
Looking for Chevette wings for 16v rally prepared red stunner !

Tue 28 Nov 2000, 12:40
Muffin from Australia says:
Cool site, although Chevette's don't look as good as the Australian version of the t-car, the Gemini.. Have a look

Sun 26 Nov 2000, 09:55
Rich Matthews from Southgate, MI USA says:
Have had (2) chevettes over the years,
a 79 ( the best year in my humble opinion ) and an 87 the last production
year in the states. I don't know about the that a chevette wannabe. In Canada the y used to make the Arcadian...another imitation of the original. Keep me posted about the website. Thanks, R

Wed 22 Nov 2000, 14:28
James Granger from Dorset, England says:
Its about time that a decent website has been organised for what is simply the most loveable car on this humble planet. I had a 1982 british shovit as my first car, with Manta gte wheels and mist blue paintwork, unfortuately, I rolled my over when fetching a chinese takeaway from town. Seems everyone has a lot of memories in theirs, I certainly do. Whe I graduate from uni, my aim is to build a V6 chevette, similar to that dark blue one in the gallery. Oh...and what was all that shit about Allegros at the beginning of the guest book? They're on another rusty planet!

Wed 22 Nov 2000, 02:37
richardk777 from Canada says:
hey this is a great site, i really love how much i got out of it, i own a 1983 chevette with a 4 cylinder original motor, it has 197,000 kms on it and the compression is still very good, it hasnt got one speck of rust and it was parked indoors for 7 years, and i got it from the original owner,its a beauty, and i payed only $300. it takes me on long trips and although it aint no luxury car i plan to fill my yard with as many chevettes as possible before the rest of society realizes what a awsome car they really are, hey CHECK OUT MY SITE EH!!!
its contraversial, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ha ha ha

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