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Thu 7 Oct 1999, 19:43
Josée Beauvais from Gatineau, Québec, Canada says:
i own a white 86 chevettes!! This is really a nice car.Chevettes' owners reply.

Thu 7 Oct 1999, 14:53
Cole Donahue from Iowa says:
The is ajunk yard near my house that has a lot of chev.I took a car hauler and took eight of them and got six of them next to VW buses they are the best car ever stay cool chevette fan

Tue 28 Sep 1999, 02:10
James A. Ellis (Jim) from Newark, Ohio U.S.A. says:
I own an 87 Amer. Chev Chevette it has real dual exhaust w/79 model dual outlet manifold coool website

Mon 27 Sep 1999, 09:00
Iain from Woodley says:
It has long been an ambition to own one of these fantastic motors. Much smarter than my Allegro.

Mon 27 Sep 1999, 08:14
Warren from Hexham says:
Obviously, I mean site, not dite.

Mon 27 Sep 1999, 08:13
Warren from Hexham says:
This truly is the greatest dite on the internet. No, really.

Mon 27 Sep 1999, 01:30
Jill from Pennsylvania says:
i LUV chevets, they are the coolest cars on the road, and i can't even drive yet, but i will get one when i turn 16,,,,,,yeaaaaa

Fri 24 Sep 1999, 10:07
Katie Cordell from London says:
I need parts - any ideas?

Thu 23 Sep 1999, 19:12
Aaron Coddington from New York, USA says:
Hotrod Chevette owner

Mon 20 Sep 1999, 13:27
Vicki from London says:
Chevettes for ever baby

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