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Tue 16 Nov 1999, 22:22
john kear from N.Staffs says:
used to have a shuvit, miss it. Will send you photos taken at Billing aquadrome of a chevette with cav V^ engine on triple downdraught carbs when i get my slice scanner sorted! would
like to see info on HS/HSR on site

Fri 12 Nov 1999, 18:12
Thomas J from Michigan says:
I own a '81 Chevette. Any customizing or original restoratin ideas? Please send them to me.

Thu 11 Nov 1999, 17:36
Andrew Wall from shropshire says:
great music

Wed 10 Nov 1999, 22:55
jack from michigan/usa says:
I had Chevy chevette. Great little car. 1978. Sold it in 85 for Ford Tempo.

Sat 6 Nov 1999, 19:52
William Paul Roberts from Northants. England says:
Funky site With lots of pics!!!

Mon 1 Nov 1999, 00:01
Craig Roebuck from Barnsley nut now in Newcastle says:
My chevvy is still going strong. I call him charlie-chevette. Never ever let me down. He just gets back up again and shows everyone he's the greatest.

Thu 28 Oct 1999, 23:49
Matt Butcher from Essex says:
Well done for the most bizarre and amusing website I have found in ages! I had an ex-RAF black estate a few years back, but alas it had an argument with a brick wall and was not
looking too good when I got rid of her. I will try to find a photo to scan of the old brute ok? Take is wasy, people....and long live the mighty(ish) Droop-snoot!

Wed 27 Oct 1999, 23:24
John Mathers from was from N.Ireland now in Canada says:
had a chevette once but wrote it off oops!! they built them in the U.S. you know ever seen one with a chevrolret 5.7 litre V8 !! you might soon!!!

Wed 27 Oct 1999, 20:41
Geoff from London says:
Sorry, I forgot to mention ... the Polka music is great .. not exactly Pantera but fabulous to listen to while browsing the site. Good luck with this incredibly zany site.

Wed 27 Oct 1999, 09:11
C. Deforrest from San Jose, California, USA says:
This site rocks! The Vauxhall is far far swankier than our lousy Chevrolet version...same car, different nose, but WHAT a nose!

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