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Tue 23 Jan 2001, 11:09
Martin Campbell from Bewdley (Worcestershire) says:
Love the pics, Fair play 2 all chevette fans. I've just bought a 1984 Chevette 1.3 L off a lovelly elderley couple (32000 miles, no rust, garaged between journeys and beige in colour) this is my first car as I have only just passed my driving test. Keep up the good work (or play) I'll keep in touch!

Fri 19 Jan 2001, 06:48
James Granger from Dorset, England says:
Listen here all HS owners! I have a brand new, original tail pipe/rear silencer for a HS Chevette. If you want to get hold of it, e-mail me on [email protected] and make me an offer...

Sun 14 Jan 2001, 10:15
John from nowhere says:
You knock the Allegro, but please remember the Shuv-it was not really that much better was it, in fact just as bad. My old man broke down in one once, and he got picked up by a friend in a Maxi !

Mon 8 Jan 2001, 01:36
richardk777 from Canada chilliwack BC says:
hello there, please i have a chevette site too. can you please sir add it to your links, it is total chevetteness, i have a 83 and a 86, they both run and i like em alot, please please please add my site, it is at

and it is called "chevette philosophy"

thank you and god bless

Sun 7 Jan 2001, 20:27
bushman from winnipeg canada says:
the harder you drive them,the better they run!

Sun 7 Jan 2001, 11:13
dennis from holland says:
hello 8 9 and 10 june come to holland to visit an opel kadett c meeting chevettes are invited

Sat 6 Jan 2001, 00:45
David from Guildford, Surrey says:
Glad we found you, nice to see people still cherishing our beloved. Sadly, ours has got to go. Mint condition, has been garaged since manu 1980/81 upto last year. Won in first prize comp Littlewoods Catalogue. Metallic Green, starts first time, to see is to LOVE. MOT just ran out in Nov 00, will fly through next as she has always done in the past. Wish we could keep her but no longer have garage since moving to bungalow and she deserves the best, the very best, she has been a Queen of Hearts to us, never let us down. Any one interested in giving our Queen a good home £300 will seal the marriage. EMail us at the above address. Thanks for your time hope to speak soon, David & Carol

Wed 3 Jan 2001, 18:28
Alex from Germany says:
We are looking for somebody in Germany to build a Chevette Club.
Great Site ;-).

Sat 30 Dec 2000, 06:05
Lone Wolf from New York says:
Great Site! Great Cars!!

Thu 28 Dec 2000, 23:44
Don from Des Moines IA USA says:
My name is Don and I hated the Chevette until I got a hold of one of the little things. Needless to say I had some fun with it, but one day I was looking it over and decided to make a few mod's. For starters I lifted the body and interior off the frame and set them aside then proseeded to waste the pathetic frame after that I rolled in a 1977 Mustang ghia frame (I'm a ford lover with a chevy fettish). from there I basically threw out everything under the hood including steering and transmission then tour out the fire wall and costum built a new one. I searched for the perfect engine and found it in a old recked mustang its a 350 with only 5,600 miles on it. The ford on ford fit nisely but the body required a bit of tweeking, and of course its now rear wheel drive with a 4.78 dif. But all in all I have found that not may people expect a fast chevette so there for it is truely the perfect car for such mods. But any way the point is to find out if any one out there has done such mods and kept the car looking the same (except the back wheels) and if there are if they could send me some info thanks.

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