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Thu 17 May 2001, 09:40
andy from Newquay Cornwall says:
I have a 1982-83 4 door saloon 1275 60.000 original miles failed mot cant afford to repair master brake cylinder any persons interested make me an offer before scraped

Wed 16 May 2001, 21:01
Tessa from Ohio says:
I was Just wondering what kind of transmission the 87' chevette has. Lookin to buy one. :)

Fri 11 May 2001, 05:58
Marilynn from Pa says:
I have an '83 chevette 2 dr. hatchback...i've had it almost 11 yrs. has 40,000 original miles on it....

Thu 10 May 2001, 16:50
Chad from United States says:
Great photo gallery and its own domain. I sent you my '85 Chevette pics.

Also looking for a diesel Chevette in the Maryland (The states) Send me e-mail if you know where one is !

Wed 9 May 2001, 04:58
Jeff Pichette from canada says:
these were cool but mine is better!!!!!

Sun 6 May 2001, 22:22
Alex from UK says:
hello- me again from the Allegro site.
Hope someone can answer my question- do Chevettes (around the 1975 period) use the same Orange/pale brown paint called 'Bracken' as Allegros did in that period? I ask this because my Allegro is Bracken in colour and I've noticed a Chevette in my area which looks identicle in colour. If it isn't Bracken what is the name of this colour as Vauxhall obviously didn't share British Leyland's colours.
Would like some response.
Nice site and tones of Chevette pics-
and yes I'm still making a links page (to the webmaster).

Tue 1 May 2001, 09:59
Chris from New Zealand says:
I am doing up a 1977 English assembled hatchback. I am the President of the Vauxhall Car Club New Zealand Inc. Our cars range from 1931 to 1996.

Sun 29 Apr 2001, 15:46
Rich Matthews from Southgate, MI USA says:
Have owned several chevettes over the years. Currently looking for a 79 4 door, with stick shift

Fri 27 Apr 2001, 09:36
Dave from Cambridgeshire, England says:
Prior to an unfortunate black ice induced trip into a ditch at the end of last year I was the proud driver of a 1984 Chevette 1.3L Hatchback which we are currently dismantling for parts.
I am currently considering acquiring another similar model - for which all the parts will be of use if no one else wants them.

Fri 20 Apr 2001, 07:23
leRoy from adelaide Sth Aust says:
This is wicked I must get myself one of those 2 door geminis (Thats what they are here) please visit my site and look around this is what ive done with mine as your probally aware we to only run 4 cyl but I installed a V8

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