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Wed 14 Feb 2001, 15:23
Richard Hemingway from Carlisle says:
Good site, nic to see so many pictures of chevettes.
If anyone is after another i have a 1982
model, body is emaculate due to a 6 month total body restoration. Engine expired hence sale, HS body kit 6x14 alloys, parts available to rebuild enginge contact Richard at [email protected]

Sat 10 Feb 2001, 13:36
Ed from Ont. Canada says:
Great site! Thanks for linking my site. I was born in England(Bradford) so I'll get some Vauxhaul info on my site soon. Happy Chevetting

Fri 9 Feb 2001, 14:05
John Sanders from Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK says:
Fantastic site - well done

Wed 7 Feb 2001, 13:02
herman from saskatchewan says:
great site. i own a 87 acadian w/ 1.6L 5spd 4 door. it has 186k and runs excellent. no rust either. someday i have plans to put a 350 into a 2 door

Sun 4 Feb 2001, 20:35
Marie Morencie from Ontario, Canada says:
I have a Chevette Scooter 4dr. My Chevette is my first car and i Love it it is great.

Fri 2 Feb 2001, 13:40
Paul Fixter from Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK says:
I like this "Anti-Allegro/Anti-Chevette" thing you've got going. I hope it's all in jest and you don't go setting fire to each others cars!

Tue 30 Jan 2001, 00:43
jason from ohio says:
thanks for linking my site to have the most pics i have ever seen one one site.

Sat 27 Jan 2001, 19:58
julian from london says:
keep up the good work !

Tue 23 Jan 2001, 11:09
Martin Campbell from Bewdley (Worcestershire) says:
Love the pics, Fair play 2 all chevette fans. I've just bought a 1984 Chevette 1.3 L off a lovelly elderley couple (32000 miles, no rust, garaged between journeys and beige in colour) this is my first car as I have only just passed my driving test. Keep up the good work (or play) I'll keep in touch!

Fri 19 Jan 2001, 06:48
James Granger from Dorset, England says:
Listen here all HS owners! I have a brand new, original tail pipe/rear silencer for a HS Chevette. If you want to get hold of it, e-mail me on [email protected] and make me an offer...

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