will kadett door windows fit my chevette

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will kadett door windows fit my chevette

Postby alan whelan » 24 Jun 2005, 01:17

hi all, i just bought my firt chev,ive big plans for the car,some *beep* put a stone through the d/s window,will the kadette 2dr coupe window fit,im from ireland so chevs are no where to be found,can some one help me. :?: :?
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alan whelan
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Postby JOCK » 24 Jun 2005, 22:13

Hi, as far as I know the coupe kadetts top half of the door is different to the 2 door chevette. I know this because on my kadett coupe the lower half of the doors is chevette , where as the top half comes from the original doors which had to be joined by welding because of the different shape. Bit of a pain really aint it!
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Postby alan » 26 Jun 2005, 20:07

feck,not many chevs over here in ireland,do ya know any breakers in england or north of ireland

Postby Shellysowner » 26 Jun 2005, 20:29

There are no specialist breakers - best idea is to keep your ear to the ground.
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Postby TJM » 08 Jul 2005, 09:33


The Chevette doors will be the same as the Kadett C City and Sedan models from Germany, Hatchback and saloon in this country. Basically from the front windscreen back most panels should be the same, only really front wings, inner and outer, front valance will be different.

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