its been a while "What's Ups, Anyways?"

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its been a while "What's Ups, Anyways?"

Postby CancerWagon » 30 Aug 2012, 06:40

Wow, I've been gone for a couple years... Not much has changed short of the new forum engine.

How has everyone been?

For the past 3 years my daily driver has been a volvo 244.... That ol rolled over in the first 3 months and kept going since. Has been on 4000 mile road trips twice, while my friends think I'm crazy, know the ugly beast is reliable.

Did a bunch of work to my 78 chevette, some time ago, and then it got almost forgotten until recently. Been working on getting it pieced back together for the road for 2 months now... And before winter should be certified and driving, if not needing some finishing paint and such. Its now mostly all an 84 under the surface. Much of it easilly swaps, and the 78 flavour of design stuff is getting hard to find.
Chris W.
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Re: its been a while "What's Ups, Anyways?"

Postby Herbie_Flowers » 03 Sep 2012, 00:11

Hello mate, not too many around now unfortunately. I pop in now and again to see if anyone has posted something and to post a reply.
Good to see the Chevette's coming along, mine is still full of crap in the garage....I need a bigger shed :(
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