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Free to collector !

Postby DaveH » 10 Jun 2006, 22:42

To an enthusiast who can collect from Bristol – 1983 Chevette 4 dr Saloon - MOT mid July - 44k from new - 1 family owner, but now needs tidying or fine for spares. Would need brake cylinders & rack gaiters for MOT, but have new items, which can be purchased, also selection of gasket sets available. Fully drivable but would remove tax on collection. Served us well for the last 23 years (& owes me nothing), just time to finally let it go. Donation to Charity might be nice!
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Postby Doive » 13 Jun 2006, 09:34

Any pictures mate? What kind of shape is the bodywork in generally? Any huge gaping holes? Also, is it roadworthy i.e. are the wheel cylinders split and weeping, or are they just generally needing replaced? Reckon it could drive from Bristol to Newcastle? Also, what colour is it?
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free chevette

Postby mark » 14 Jun 2006, 12:40

I live in Bristol (St George) and am ionterested in the spares (and possibly the car !) Have you a number I can call you on ? (Landline preferably, as I can call you for free after 6.00 with Telewest !)
Many Thanks
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