C20XE Dizzy Less Ignition & Fuel System

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C20XE Dizzy Less Ignition & Fuel System

Postby Daishag » 02 Mar 2008, 20:46

I have a full Ignition and fuel system for a late style C20XE which uses a coil pack rather than a distributor, really handy when fitting to a Chevette / Manta as you don't have to remove the heater box and modify the bulkhead.
It all works fine as it's still fitted to the car and im using it daily at the moment, i really think the ecu has been chipped as she rev's up to 7200 - 7300 before the limiter cuts in and as std they cut in around the 6400 - 6700. What you get is the full wiring harness's & ECU, all the sensor's and fuel injection system coil pack and HT leads etc.
Im scrapping the whole car for the engine ie im keeping the head and block assy. Its a "L" reg Calibra with full leather if anyone wants anything else off it let me know.

Cheers Dave 07835971713
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