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Kadett C Estate on eBay

Postby Shellysowner » 27 Feb 2008, 15:47


Went to see this one a couple of years ago when it was on eBay in Leicester. It was being sold by a nice old lady who'd given up driving some years earlier and had just left the car outside the front of her house. She also had a DAF 66 in the back garden which was so rusty that you could pull chunks off it.

I was rather tempted to get the kadett as a project, but due to the scary rust on the A pillar and sills decided that it would be a bit of a major one for someone with very little time to complete it. Anyway in the end it sold for £130 iirc - I am amazed to learn from the current listing that guy drove it back to kettering - he must have really really wanted to get in trouble with the police and possibly injure himself in the process (it did start but it ran like someone kept dropping nuts and bolts down the intake).

Now its only 8 miles from my house... however I think I'd better leave it. Time, money space, usual story.
Doive wrote:I remember last summer being in another Chevette with a quite mad driver, and we were drifting round A class roads at 65mph with the tail sliding progressively on the corners. It was fantastic.

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