WANTED - Viscous Fan Coupling

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WANTED - Viscous Fan Coupling

Postby dt » 11 Apr 2007, 14:14

Does anyone have a spare viscous coupling, I don't really need the fan just the middle bit as my bearings are shot and they're making some interesting noises!
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Postby UpNorth » 11 Apr 2007, 17:07

I can't help you with the coupling but a word of advice - if the bearings are shot remove the fan (left hand thread) as it'll probably soon let go, sending the fan into the radiator.

You'll be alright driving about but if you get caught in a queue in hot weather either switch the car off or crank up the heater.
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Postby Shuvit-pinto » 11 Apr 2007, 21:54

I have a few lying about. I am sure I can spare one :D

PM sent :)
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