The 2006 National Event

A new yearly Chevette weekend in the UK

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Postby shuvit-tim » 18 Sep 2006, 08:40

sounds like it was fantabidozy!

Sorry I couldnt make it on the sunday, The missus had taken time off work to spend with me, so I could only blag about an hour for the show, and at £30 (i'd have had to pay for her as well) I couldnt really justify it for an hour :cry: :cry: :cry:
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Postby Herbie_Flowers » 18 Sep 2006, 17:55

Shellysowner wrote:Brilliant!...and old Herbie says he loves drag racing now too :D

OI!!!! less of the old i've not reached Marks' age yet :evil:
Doive wrote:In the meantime I'll design a crane fly killing device.

that'll be wind powered then stinky <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0"><img border="0" src=""></a>

excellent weekend Ralph....thanks
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Diehard Chevetter
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Postby Shuvit-pinto » 18 Sep 2006, 18:08

OI!!!! less of the old i've not reached Marks' age yet

Cheeky Git :x

I might be older than people think but had a bloody great time and me to like drag racing now. Covered 255 miles over the weekend and had one of the Anglia Pops follow me most of the way back home unti we reached Chippenham.

Might just have rejuvinated the Piazza project after this weekend.

Thanks Ralph for all the hard work and sorry it was a low numbers turn out with people and more so Chevette wise.

Good lad.
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Forum Parts Squirrel
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Postby Shellysowner » 18 Sep 2006, 19:45

Herbie_Flowers wrote:OI!!!! less of the old i've not reached Marks' age yet :evil:

Sorry, that was the affectionate use of the word old not the literal one :P

Glad you enjoyed the weekend guys, makes it all worth while :D
Doive wrote:I remember last summer being in another Chevette with a quite mad driver, and we were drifting round A class roads at 65mph with the tail sliding progressively on the corners. It was fantastic.

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