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Postby Shellysowner » 19 Apr 2006, 01:06

Taken from: http://www.roadghosts.com/Cases%20-%20Other.htm

Submitted to the Fortean Times Message Board, 'Dashwood''s account is presented here verbatim:

"One Summer about twelve years ago my mother and I went to visit some friends of the family in West Wales. We were driving along the motorway/dual carriageway between Swansea and Carmarthen; it was mid-morning and mid-week and the traffic was really light.

"On one long empty straight, we spotted a car up ahead in the distance. It was an old but immaculate grey Vauxhall Chevette travelling at an incredibly slow pace (well under 50 mph). As we overtook them, we looked across at the car and saw an elderly couple sitting very upright inside - him in a flat cap and her with a headscarf - there was a rosary or lucky charm hanging from the rear-view mirror and several brightly coloured knitted blankets on the back seat and parcel shelf. They looked as if they had driven straight out of the early 60s and (by their stern expressions) weren't too pleased about it. I remember we had a bit of a laugh about how out of place they looked.

"About ten minutes later (we had passed only one or two more cars) we spotted the same old Chevette up ahead, driving slowly as you like. We thought it was odd but assumed they must have passed us without us noticing. We overtook them again.

"A little further on, we overtook a convoy of about four slow-moving cars and caravans and tucked back into the inside lane to find the old grey Chevette in front of us yet again!!! This time, we realised there was absolutely no way they could have over taken us without us noticing. Not a single car had passed us. Besides, their average speed was a good twenty or thirty mph slower than ours. We hadn't passed any turn-offs or roads joining the motorway in the interim, so it was hard to see how they had possibly jumped in front of us.

"Puzzled, we overtook the elderly couple and soon left them behind us. The road ahead was clear. That was until we got closer to Carmarthen, when the Chevette appeared again. We didn't know whether to laugh or feel freaked out and I made a point of checking it was the same car, with the same couple inside. It was... the same rosary, flat cap and headscarf.

"Perhaps the answer is simple - there were dozens of identical couples in identical cars travelling on the road that day? I honestly don't know."
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Postby Shuvit-pinto » 19 Apr 2006, 01:32

Wooh, thats freaky, but proves Chevettes never die, they just get
re in-car-nated :lol:

Sorry, I will go to bed now. :oops:
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Postby Tortron » 19 Apr 2006, 03:17

the chevette is classicly the ultimate flat cap wearing old mans car :)
This text comfirms the fact that directly above this is a line
"as you would expect on a car of this age..."
The chevette vin decoder
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Postby Doive » 19 Apr 2006, 09:14

Interesting. I wonder what would cause the car to reappear several times over. Usually appearances are linked to an event at a particular spot. Did you read about the car appearing to crash on the A3? The police found a 5 month old accident at the exact spot :shock:
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