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Battlefield 2

Postby Chevette Girl » 11 Aug 2005, 02:18

So, anyone else out there sacrifice time with their Chevette so they can play soldier? I think my personal record is keeping a chopper in the air for all of 13 seconds before crashing terriffically... If you see |ron Ma|den online, that's me...

I first became enamoured with Battlefield 1942, in fact it's the only computer game I've ever owned myself... mostly what I liked about it was getting a couple of computers together (3, not quite enough to be a LAN party :P ) and laying waste to the computer team... Playing it solo was good practise, but the group thing was what really hooked me, kind of like playing paintball war games only without the bugs, sunstroke or welts...

Then someone brought over Battlefield 2, and we've all been fighting over computer-time ever since... Speaking of which... umm, gotta go....

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Postby shuvit-tim » 11 Aug 2005, 09:16

my flatmate plays a lot of BF2. keep an eye out for anyone from Thanh-Sah.
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