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Grand Prix

Postby Shellysowner » 19 Jun 2005, 19:22

Has anyone else been watching the Grand Prix? What a bizarre sight to see a race with only 6 cars in it. I reckon it'll be the last time they race in the states that's for sure! One thing that struck me as extremely out of order in all of this is the way some of the fans started chucking bottles onto the track - I realise that they're annoyed at not seeing a race but even so, they need to grown an effing brain!
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Neverending moaner - lack of space!
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Postby Herbie_Flowers » 19 Jun 2005, 21:19

yea i watched it. michelin should be penalised or banned for failing to provide the proper equipment. i'm with the FIA when they said no to a chicane being built as the cars were set-up for the track as it was, not with how it could have been. i think the race should have been called off, the fans refunded, and the race re-scheduled for later in the year as a compromise.
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Diehard Chevetter
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Postby Shoveitpusher » 20 Jun 2005, 07:26

funny that after the wheel falls off the leader (strangly not due to tyre failure) the fia tell the tyre manufacturers they are responsible for the tyres lasting the distance. they then take that responsibility seriously and the FIA are end up with a 6 car race.
fine or ban Michelin - don't forget they supply most of the field, they control F1 if they want to. (also don't forget Bridgestone have all the data from the 500 - it would be interesting to know if there has been an increase in loading due to the track surface modifications) certainly there should be some safeguards put in place to ensure it doesn't happen again.

this would have not happened if one team had joined all the rest to demand a chicane and allow racing. it wouldn't have happened if the fia had actually thought about the good of the sport rather than the waving a rule book. they can make changes for safety reasons without the agreement of the teams. it would take a half hour session to dial the cars in to the new layout these are supposed to be the top of the pile in terms of drivers and teams after all!

all it showed was the whole circus is populated by petulant school kids. it's a great shame especially as the racing was getting interesting.
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