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Postby Shellysowner » 01 Apr 2005, 21:39


<img src="" alt='stupid astra' /img>
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Neverending moaner - lack of space!
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Postby Neilyman » 01 Apr 2005, 22:17

Quote> This item is re-listed due to Non-Payer. <

Read...Buyer changed his mind `cos his mates said he`d look a pratt driving it!

It looks somewhat like a Reliant Regal from that angle! :P
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Postby Doive » 01 Apr 2005, 22:49

I like that, think it looks good..... no really.



That is unbelievable. How can anyone think that looks good?? To be fair to the person its not really as bad as some I've seen. Yes the spoiler is horrendous but at least it's not sitting 2mm from the ground, and it does at least have the power to back up the looks, unlike most boy racers with a 1.2 version. The best part for me are the wheels and the associated brakes. Now the idea of bigger wheels in the old days was to enable larger brakes to be fitted to the car, and a happy side effect of this was the extra grip it offered (or perhaps the other way round but no matter). Here are the massive stoppers required to restrain this beast.


I mean, look at the sheer size of them! I think he may have been better with 20" wheels, the clearance is a bit tight there.
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