Tell me what you think of my chevette

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Tell me what you think of my chevette

Postby Kevins /// Kustoms /// » 02 Mar 2005, 23:13

Ok its a 1987 chevy chevette, 2 door 5 speed, its got 150,000 kms, the body is in good shape. It wont start up for me. But i think thats because it was -15* when i was working on it and the battery was dead. As for extras its got, Z24 cavalier hood scoops, recaro bucket seats, alarm system which make my vette have power door locks. Its got aftermarket bead lock rims, its got custom made smoked out tail lights, smoked out front lights, its got 4 gauges mounted into the dash, its lowered 2" its got a full exaust and thats it. As for what the car needs, it needs floor work there are a few little holes, it needs gas lines, brakes, one ball joint, front grill, front light covers, right side front fender, front window which has a little crack and thats about it. Iv have extra brake parts which are new, extra grill, extra light covers, extra headlights, ball joint, extra clutch, 2 extra carbs, and extra air intake manafold, extra wiring harness, extra bumpers, extra fenders and thats about it for the extra parts. All i need to buy is the metal for the floor and gas lines. And guess what i paid for the car and all the parts sittin in it. $150, but i paid $100 for a tow, and $50 a month for storage. What does everyone think ????

Kevins /// kustoms ///
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Postby Doive » 03 Mar 2005, 00:50

We need pictures! Take a few shots of the car as is and send them in to the photo gallery. As for the amount of work the car needs, that sounds about average for a chevette of the age - mine certainly needed all of that after I bought it. All the best with it.
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