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Why do this?!

PostPosted: 04 Jul 2007, 19:41
by Doive

Rover SD1, in immaculate condition, all previous MoTs. Bought from widow of previous owner and has the engine ripped out for some project or other. Why do people do this? V8 engines aren't exactly rare. It now means the car, which before was perfectly serviceable, will now likely be scrapped or broken for parts. What a shame.


PostPosted: 04 Jul 2007, 20:10
by BAB67S
its a crime in its self how can somebody gladly destryo such a good car, fair enoguh if it was nothing special and a bit rusty, how many do you know of that are in that sort of condition.

PostPosted: 05 Jul 2007, 05:47
by CancerWagon
I've made a few vehicular sacrifices over the years.... but This... is a tragedy, travesty, and other such things.

PostPosted: 05 Jul 2007, 07:55
by Shoveitpusher
because people of certain age groups look on certain vehicles of certain periods as scrappers. a vitesse would be worth saving, a regular sd1 not, i'm sure the same was said about the old austin morris 1100 and 1300's

i was having a chat with my car builder (sounds posh eh, could be written as having a chat with a mate as well) we were talking about what to strip off the old chevette shell. i umed and arghed a bit and said just the wings as there are plenty of cheap chevettes around, then we thought about it and decided, we had said the same thing about mk1 escorts a few years ago, even mk2's are a bit rare now. mind you, that only increased it to the doors as well as the wings, there wasn't a huge amount to salvage in the first place.