Hi again, but what all this email stuff about?

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Hi again, but what all this email stuff about?

Postby Fran » 18 May 2007, 22:13

Hey Guys, nice to finally get back in here and read all about stuff. Im planning on finally getting the kadett on the go this summer lol, got a flat off road place to do it now so better luck this time! :D Oh and will keep an eye on the meet thread too :wink:

Ive just ended up signing up for a chevettes mail addy, thinking I needed to to log back in (actually just forgot my password after all) anyway, does anyone know what thats all about? any good, not neccessary? it just kept defaulting as a link so I signed up :?:
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Postby Doive » 19 May 2007, 08:25

The chevettes.com mail doodah isn't too bad, the spam filtering isn't the greatest in the world, so you need to choose a nice long name like [email protected], rather than [email protected] as the spambots soon figured that one out. It's a good account to have as a backup to your main email addy for signing up to stuff.
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