New BMW 320d?

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New BMW 320d?

Postby Doive » 17 Dec 2006, 16:43

For some reason my parents local BMW dealer has started mail dropping everyone in the area with leaflets on cheap finance deals on new BMWs. Must have year end sales targets to meet or something. But, did you know, for only 400 quid a month, I could be driving around in a brand new BMW 320d? And after 48 months of legalised theft, I can just hand the car straight back or pay a single easy final payment of only £10,500?! It's enough to make your spleen rupture.

Or I could just buy a nice BMW that's on ebay at the moment for the equivalent of one monthly payment, and enjoy relaxed trouble free motoring without the scandalous main BMW dealer servicing needed on a new car. I'm so glad I drive old cars!
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Postby CancerWagon » 18 Dec 2006, 03:26

That's bloody outragous! One and a half of thoes monthly payments is equal to all that I ever paid for every chevette I've ever owned!

They must have "this car will detonate unless serviced at a licensed BMW dealership" light on the dash that comes on every 3K mi / 5K kms. :roll:
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Postby UpNorth » 19 Dec 2006, 11:11

BMW mail-dropping to Chevette owners?? - they must be bloody hopeful :lol: :lol:
Anyone have a 6R4 for sale? Unfortunately I've only got £1K spare but I could throw in a few eggs to sweeten the deal!
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