SD1 Vitesse

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SD1 Vitesse

Postby Doive » 02 Dec 2006, 20:30

Is this not a seriously beautiful car?? I want one.

<img src="">
A125 EMY - 1983 Chevette L in Mocha Brown

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Postby CancerWagon » 02 Dec 2006, 22:37

:D Very Yes!

Quite the looker inside and out!
Chris W.
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Postby UpNorth » 03 Dec 2006, 10:51

Lovely looking cars - always thought they had an aura of an Aston about them (not that I've ever had an AM!).

I remember about 12 years ago or so I bought a ropey old 2.6 automatic SD1 but after seeing just about every warning light glowing, the head gasket went & the gearbox refusing to change gear - all within the first week!!!, I sold it on the 8th day.
Anyone have a 6R4 for sale? Unfortunately I've only got £1K spare but I could throw in a few eggs to sweeten the deal!
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