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Steve Irwin

PostPosted: 04 Sep 2006, 09:27
by Doive
I can't quite believe this, but Steve Irwin, famed crocodile hunter and all round proper Aussie sport, has been killed by an encounter with a stingray. It would appear he got too close, and the creature stung him. His documentaries were always hugely entertaining, and I'm very sure he will be sorely missed. My thoughts go to his family.

PostPosted: 04 Sep 2006, 10:56
by UpNorth
Sorry, but I find it hard to be sympathetic - I mean, what the hell would you expect if you openly taunt highly poisonous & predatory animals??

It's akin to people going on building works in Iraq for big bucks & then their family whining if they get killed.

The laws of averages dictate that sooner or later someone's gonna get the call "come in number 7, your time's up".

PostPosted: 04 Sep 2006, 21:28
by Chevette Girl
My roommate told me about it this morning, and as tragic as it is for his family (I lost my own father a few years ago, I DO know what it's like, my heart goes out to them), it was only a matter of time for him... the cat gets nine lives, I'm sure Steve Irwin blew at least 50 before something finally got his number...

PostPosted: 06 Sep 2006, 10:01
by Herbie_Flowers
the bloke was an idiot....being a parent it's his kids i feel sorry for

PostPosted: 13 Sep 2006, 22:50
by jbowman
I know its abit late, :cry: but I give big respects to the nutter, he did things no one else was stupid enough to try and it was all good fun entertainment.

Steve Irwin, you legend!

PostPosted: 14 Sep 2006, 22:29
by shuvit-tim
Ironically, the stingray is about the most passive thing he's ever documented - attacks are immensely rare, and unlike a croc - which will attack you for lunch, these things only attack when they feel threatened.

As an environmentalist, marine biologist and diver I was deeply saddened to hear of what happened. I only hope that this doesnt instill fear of the stingray, which could invoke a response seen all around the world with sharks being persecuted and likewise snakes in spain.

As well as the more famous 'stunts' he got up to, Steve Irwin did a lot of fantastic conservation work, and his input will be missed.

I see your point about his family Nick, but they knew who he was, knew what he was about, and I would imagine respected him for it.

rest in peace Steve.

PostPosted: 14 Sep 2006, 23:33
by Neilyman
I heard something on the news today, some Aussie minister or someone asking people to stop killing Stingrays.
It seems some folk are doing it because one killed Mr Irwin. :roll:

PostPosted: 19 Sep 2006, 03:57
by Chevette Girl
I'd heard about that too, too bad people are taking out their grief and anger on something that could never understand...

PostPosted: 19 Sep 2006, 08:46
by shuvit-tim
idiots. but somehow it seemed inevitable. Ironically that would have been the last thing Steve would have wanted as an avid conservationists.

Only 17 people have been killed by stingrays in the whole of recorded human history. More people have been killed by 'just about any animal you can name' (*please - responses to the cue on ridiculous animals which couldnt possibly kill you in another thread*) than that.

It may well now escalate, as more people start to persecute stingrays, the more they will become wary of humans an the higher the chance that they will learn to become aggressive towards humans.

How have these people survived darwinism?

*Marine biologist rant over*

PostPosted: 21 Sep 2006, 18:09
by Chevette Girl
Yeah, well...

If it were the type of animal that's aggressive, I might expect it to get more so, but I would think now perhaps they might just get more timid. I hope.


PostPosted: 21 Sep 2006, 18:21
by shuvit-tim
neither is a particularly good result. Morons.