Was searching on ebay

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Was searching on ebay

Postby Shellysowner » 14 Feb 2006, 18:13

and I found a Vauxhall Eagle Quest Hearse.


Just crying out for a few subtle mods :D

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Neverending moaner - lack of space!
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Postby nutty but nice » 14 Feb 2006, 18:37

lol just need the ghostbusters now
nutty but nice

Postby burns » 14 Feb 2006, 18:42

That would suck, having your coffin taken away in what looks to be a glorified astra. Less so with the chop and blower sticking out of the bonnet though :D .
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Postby Doive » 15 Feb 2006, 00:46

It's based on a Carlton, but why is it white?

A gentleman I know was buried recently, and the undertaker had a Mondeo..... oh dear.
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