Good Night Mr Best

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Good Night Mr Best

Postby grim_b » 25 Nov 2005, 14:12

News just in. He died for those that didn't know.
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Postby Miss Icey » 25 Nov 2005, 14:20

I'm not going to start ranting on, but he had so many chances in life and he wasted them, I can't imagine how the donors parents feel, they must be truely gutted.
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Miss Icey
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Postby Herbie_Flowers » 25 Nov 2005, 14:51

Miss Icey wrote:I'm not going to start ranting on, but he had so many chances in life and he wasted them, I can't imagine how the donors parents feel, they must be truely gutted.

yup i had no time for him either especially when he queue jumped the liver transfer list and pickled that one as well
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Postby penski » 25 Nov 2005, 14:55

About bloody time too.

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Postby jifop » 25 Nov 2005, 15:11

ditto, no sypathy just disgust that he abused himeself so much after being given another shot at life
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Postby Doive » 25 Nov 2005, 15:16

I knew the man. Personally. It's so easy to view someone through the media glare, and make a judgement based on what the media desires you to see. Bestie was a wonderful, caring man. He had problems, very well documented, but no more so than thousands of people up and down the country. If he had continued on thirty more years it wouldn't have been long enough.

God bless you Bestie, you gave us a lot of good times. NI will miss you, our favourite son. Rest in peace.
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Postby shuvit-tim » 25 Nov 2005, 15:53

Firstly, My condolences to you Doive having lost somebody you knew personally.

It's something that has drawn so many split opinions over the last 18 months or so. I see both sides, it's difficult to have sympathy with somebody who has flouted what he's been told and as some people would have put it 'wasted' a liver. But what people dont seem to realise is any continued drinking has had NOTHING to do with his death. when you have a transplant, your own bodies immune system detects it as a foreign body and attacks it. To combat this you have to spend the rest of your life taking immuno-suppressants, meaning that you have no immune system. As a result you are vulnerable to the slightest of infections, a common cold can become fatal. People who undergo organ transplants (with the exception of artificial ones) rarely last more than 5 years. Do bare in mind it was an infection of the lungs that killed george best.
I've drunk enough in the last 4 years to sink Aberystwyth, so I'm not going to preach about someone who liked a drink. Alcoholism is a disease, and not something you can just snap your fingers and ocme out of.
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