Power Loss

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Power Loss

Postby bjw » 27 Mar 2005, 16:23

Have an 87 Chevette. New to the forum from Western Canada.

Recently experienced problems driving on the highway. After about 20 minutes driving car slows down even though gas pedal is to the floor. Speedometer definitely shows car slowing quickly. First time thought I was imagining things and guys told me I was crazy, pulled off the highway and seemed to go back to normal. Happened again where I had to pull off to side of highway and sit for about 10 minutes before I could go again and keep up to speed.

Any suggestions?
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Postby Shellysowner » 27 Mar 2005, 23:00

Do 1987 chevy chevettes have engine management systems? Some form of overheating = ems throwing a wobbly problem maybe? Sounds like some sort of overheating anyway.
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Postby jifop » 28 Apr 2005, 13:44

my bug did a similar thing for a while when i bought it, as the engine got hotter the car got slower, was actually traced down to the fuel pipe being routed wrong and fuel evaporating as the pipe got hot.
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Postby donlondon » 28 Nov 2005, 07:02

I realise it's probably a little late in the day but I had a similar problem on my 1978 chevette and replacing the condenser cleared it up.

If the later models still ran with this ignition set up then it would be a cheap test to check if that was whats wrong.
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Postby Chevette Girl » 14 Dec 2005, 02:30

what's the condenser in North American, is it the ignition coil (which I believe feeds power to the dizzy)?
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Postby Tortron » 14 Dec 2005, 05:41

silver cylinder mounted inside the dizzy or on the outside of it
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